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Ojos en la Calle

Community Security Program- Safer together

Ojos en la Calle is a community vigilance network and anonymous reporting platform that prevents and helps solve crime.


The Ojos Community Vigilance Network

Line-of-sight neighbour groups with volunteer monitors alert each other of suspicious activity and report using the anonymous ‘Ojos’ application.
Part-time regional Representatives supplement reports with anecdotal incident data and flag priority incidents.
Paid Program Coordinator maintains report database, oversees network and liaises with police agencies.

Reporting Application

The free Ojos mobile application allows anyone to anonymously report incidents and suspicious activity from their smartphone. All reports are time and location stamped and allow for image upload at the time of submission. Reported data is stored in a secure database for analysis.

Qualified Data

The Ojos database will be filtered and cross-referenced against anecdotal reports and official police data to corroborate criminal activity, patterns and suspects. Doing so effectively transforms off-the-record information aka ‘Cifra Negra’ into Cifra Real- qualified facts that will help police agencies solve crimes, identify patterns, prevent crimes, analyze data for resource planning and give residents, businesses and visitors a tangible and rewarding way to participate in public security.

*Note ’Ojos’ is a powerful planning, prevention and analysis tool not to be confused with real-time reporting and response. Real-time response is planned for future versions via 911 notification and private regional security contracts.

Key Considerations and Benefits

A true public-private solution- the first and only tool that puts crime prevention and security in the hands of the public.
False data is rendered harmless when verified by source (fact-checking with Monitors and Reps) and cross-referenced against official reports.
Design allows for customized fields for data collection.
Data reports can reference any combination of input field, region, time and location.


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